Best 10 Cydia apps for jailbroken iOS devices

Let’s consider the following scenario: you bought an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and realized you’d like to use additional software and applications that are not available in the Apple App Store. In this case, you probably decided to jailbreak the device in order to remove the unnecessary limitation of its operating system. If that’s your case, you probably already are quite familiar with Cydia.

As I’m sure you know very well, Cydia is a software application that has been specially designed for jailbroken devices running on iOS. Whether you own an iPhone, an iPod touch, iPad or Apple TV, this app allows you to find and install all the software packages that weren’t available via Apple.

To make it easier for you to find exactly what you need and since Cydia houses lots of packages to choose from, we selected the top 10 apps available through this software. This article presents you with the most important details of the best 10 Cydia apps for jailbroken devices running on iOS 6 or later.

1. Activator

Activator is a revolutionary tweak that allows you to launch applications and utilities on the jailbroken device with a simple gesture. This enables you to save a lot of time, since you can simply double-tap the music icon to start playing and use the same gesture again to pause it This is just one example and more of what you can do with Activator can be seen here.

2. Display Recorder

The Display Recorder application available through Cydia enables user to record high quality videos in .avi format on their device. Once you’re done capturing the video, the same app also allows you to publish the video on Youtube and you can easily adjust the orientation, quality and frame rate.

3. MxTube

Did you ever want to download an YouTube video directly on your device? The good news is that MxTube does exactly that, by allowing you to download high definition videos and play them later without an internet connection.

4. App Locker

Having access to so many applications thanks to Cydia also has its downside, as the more apps you have on the device the riskier it becomes for others to access it. If there are any files on information you’d like to hide from others, you can use the App Locker to disallow access to some or all of the apps on the phone. Once the app is launched you can enter the password to allow access to the apps again, while the wrong password will keep access limited.

5. Bridge

If you ever wanted to upload pictures, music or files from a Cydia application to show up in your media library, Bridge might be the right app for you. This application enables you to directly import any of the photos or files located on the device’s storage to the media library without connecting it to your PC via the USB cable.

6. Live Wallpaper

Who didn’t ever imagine how great it would be if their device’s background displayed live wallpapers? With Live Wallpaper you can know bring your phone to life and add anything front falling leaves to blossoming flowers to the background of the device. Being very user-friendly, the application enables you to download and configure your favorite wallpaper in just a few steps.

7. iBlacklist

Stepping back to security of your device, the iBlacklist application enables you to limit the exposure of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Whether there’s someone trying to gain illegal access to it or you simply wish to ignore some of your contacts, the app block phone calls and messages from anyone bothering you. For just $4.99 you can be more protected than ever.

8. Auxo

If you are a multi-tasker, the Auxo app is just right for you, as it allows you to check the state of the different apps you’re using, switch to any of them and close the ones you’d like to. You can also toggle various functions such as GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with a simple defined gesture. Although the price of Auxo is $1.99, we can assure you it’s worth spending money on it.

9. iTransmission

Who doesn’t love torrents? Whether you’re trying to get the latest movie, a language-learning package or simply some music from your favorite artist, the iTransmission app enables you to download torrents directly from the device. The application is free and only needs a Wi-Fi connection to grant you with access to all the torrents you’re looking for.

10. AdBlocker

Last but not least, nobody likes to be interrupted by apps. Good news is instead of paying a lot to remove the ads that bother you, all you have to do is install the AdBlocker for just $2.19 and you’re done. The app doesn’t just block ads that pop up in your apps, but also in your browser.