Best Cydia Repos and Tweaks in 2015

Just the Best Cydia Sources and Apps in 2015

The easiest way to find trendy Cydia tweaks, themes, mods and get troubleshooting help is via the city. The jailbreak community is spread over a huge region, with a few truly wonderful newsgroups being hosted by popular sites.

Repo: BigBoss

BigBoss is the only biggest source of most popular tweaks. The tweaks in BigBoss are normally assessed for inconsistencies etc. This comes as a default option repo with Cydia but it is possible to remove it.

Repo: HipStore

HipStore is the most wanted app…it’s not just an app it’s a platform or a source/repo for downloading cracked apps. Hipstore is developed by and is the best alternative to Installous and AppCake.

Repo: ModMyi

Right next to BigBoss, its ModMyi (although some people would claim the reverse). ModMyi hosts lots of tweaks also, many insanely popular. ModMyi additionally includes lots of mods too although it could be less interesting compared to tweaks many of them.


Ryan Petrich is a lead programmer in regards to intelligent, smart and imaginative tweaks. We hear hes got lots of new stuff in the works for iOS 8 and it will be quite intriguing to test them out. This can be a must have repo for all interested in Cydia tweaks.

Repo: iSpazio

iSpazio is an excellent source for tweaks, mods as well as other things.

Rogue Repos

Aside from the authentic ones, in addition, there are other repos which feature cracked variations of the tweaks. In specific situations like HackYouriPhone, weve had the opportunity to download some fascinating tweaks and mods that aren’t accessible elsewhere. Go with care.


Attributes: tweaks, mods

Repo: BiteYourApple
Attributes: tweaks, mods

Repo: HackYouriPhone
Attributes: tweaks, ringtones, mods

And for the Tweaks

Since the jailbreak is outside and you mainly have jailbroken your iPhone, maybe you are considering the top Cydia tweaks to install on your own iPhone. You can find lots of them but the 7 tweaks mentioned here are the must haves in the jailbreak world. Youve got to experience their power as soon as you install them in your iPhone.

 Lets just take the leap to see more of these:

A few of the top Cydia Tweaks which are compatible with iOS 8.x:

1: Winterboad

Rather naturally, the most astonishing theming tweak on your iOS apparatus, Winterboard is compatible for iOS 8.3. Absolutely. Winterboard includes a lot of themes it is possible to download from Cydia and then apply to your own iPhone. The true power is based on the customization choices. While there arent any largescale upgrades, that fact it supports iOS 8.3 is a trendy thing.

Greatest Free Cydia Tweaks Harmonious with iOS 8

2: NCSettings

Were a lover of SBSettings but we also adore NCSettings for its ease. Jamie tweeted that NCSettings continues to be examined for iOS 8.2.

3: Veency

4: SBSettings

 If youve ever used this, youre going to jailbreak your iPhone just because of this smart small tweak that adds tremendous functionality to your own telling facility. Contains 8.4, yes.

6: Auxo

Does this tweak even require an introduction? Auxo turned out to be one heck of a well-known tweak following the first days of the The Brink post which appears to have started it all. Auxo sells for $1.99 on Cydia, has been examined for iOS 8.1. Perfecto!

5: Activator

Oh, this one is another tweak which you simply cant lose. Activator was tested for compatibility and functions only fine with iOS 8.3 also.

7: biteSMS

The last I heard from biteSMS, they were examining the program for iPhone 5 compatibility. Yes, biteSMS is totally prepared for iOS 8.1.3 also!

Enjoy best of the best cydia tweaks, apps and sources.
You need to read this if, you’re a newcomer to Jailbreak & Cydia.

Top Cydia Repo Sources for the upcoming iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak

Prepare to choose from hundreds of tweaks, apps, themes, ringtones and mods starting September or October, since there’s talk about the release of a new jailbreak after the iOS7. Check out the list of repos supporting the upcoming firmware below to get started, in just a few steps: open Cydia, tap on Manage > Sources >  Edit > Add and type the source of the repos bellow:

Mods, themes or tweaks? Stop looking elsewhere, the following list contains almost anything you could wish for:

BigBoss – the largest repo, comes as default and is on the Cydia market

ModMyi – another default repo.

Intelliborn – the crib of the top tweaks for users IntelliscreenX, MyWi, My3G and IntelliID. Regularly updated for more.

Insanelyi – allows you to choose from more than 7000 unique apps, tweaks and themes, no wonder it’s one of the very popular app among users.

iHacks – Want more function to your apps? This repo cracks apps and gives you tweaks, but also a number of add-ons for an upgrade.

iCause FX – customize and modify your device with countless mods and tweaks from this repo.

iHackstore – home of the most commonly used mods, apps and tweaks you can find on Cydia.

iF0rce – quality before quantity? This repo has a small number of tweaks, but they include AirBlue Sharing and AirBlue GPS.

BiteYourApple – looking for entertainment and good looks? The popular choice is this repo providing anything lacking a real use: ringtones, other tweaks or mods.

iSpazio – with the same features as the previous repo, it has a history of pirate apps, but has since then recovered and is safe for use.

ThemeItApp – want to modify the look of your device? The successful ThemeIt belongs to this repo with 3 default packages.

iCydiaBlog – all cydia sources ios 8 available in one place (tweaks/apps/downloads/jailbreak) – need Chrome or BrowserChooser? This repo has them and it adds more tweaks at a regular basis.

HackYouriPhone – home not only for pirate apps, but also for some real and pretty good ones.

SinfuliPhoneRepo – if you are into AppSynch, like so many others, here is where you find it, among other fake or strange apps.

Xsellize – for use emulators, this app offers ROM packages in bulks, along with many other cracked apps.