Update iOS 9 SSLPatch Cydia Tweak‎

We wrote about Apples iOS 9 upgrade that fixed an significant SSL certification bug yesterday and stressed that its necessary that you upgrade. But intelligibly, for jailbroken users, its a tedious process. You’ll need to backup, restore and after that restore, re-jailbreak and reinstall all of the tweaks.

It could be worse for those who did lots of customization to the installed tweaks in manners which are difficult to replicate. But again, its essential that you simply get the fix for the reason that it involves authentication, security of information which is sent from and received in your iPhone/iPad. So whats the simple option? Someones got the reply.
Repair iOS 9.1 SSL Bug With SSLPatch; No Upgrade to iOS 9 Wanted
 And so, if youve jailbroken your iPhone, you dont have to experience the entire procedure of restore and re-jailbreak simply to repair the SSL bug.
 The tweak, allegedly, mends the code that caused the bug. The information on the bug itself are fascinating and you should check out this post to see exactly what the bug is really all about.
That is what you must do:
Open Cydia
 Its free.
There are a lot of reservations regarding the patch though. But since it doesnt actually go deep down, how much fix the patch could make iOS 9.2 (or take away the security bug) is questionable. But we examined ours with the gotofail.com also it looked just good.

May be this week you dont would like to upgrade to iOS 9.0.1 Utilize this patch as a provisional organization. On the weekend, find time to update to iOS 9.0.2 because thats a much more stable and long-term solution.